Here are some stories in more detail from my daily work. 


A woman came to me regarding a possible move but when we started talking, the subject quickly turned to underlying grief that she was not really aware of. It had just become part of her life. It turned out she had lost a fianc√© and his son in a car accident 30 years earlier and when I asked her a little bit about it, she broke down crying. We went into the story and started out at the moment she received the news via a phone call - the moment of shock. We worked on that key moment when she heard the man's sister tell her about the car accident and that they both had died. We worked on releasing the shock of that moment and after a little while, she was able to tell me the whole story about the phone call without any strong emotions. We then worked on a few other significant events and moments regarding this crucial time in her life until she felt strong and happy.

How long did it take to get her to this point? ONE hour! Her energy system was tied up in knots, in particular regarding the first shock of hearing the news, and that was key to releasing the trauma and moving on. She had not been with another man in 30 years because of this shock that kept her stuck - but 2 weeks after our session, I received an email from her. She had "met somebody...". Now, it is not typical that you only need one session, but it is typical that it takes a lot less time than expected.


A man nearing 50 was at the end of his rope with his marriage and his family life when he came to see me. There was fighting in the house every day. His wife and kids were constantly after him for messing everything up and he was overwhelmed with "I can't do anything right". A divorce might sound like the logical solution, but due to illness in this family, that was not a real option, so we started to dig deeper into issues from childhood regarding "I can't do anything right".

The first few sessions, he would be hanging his head, the hood of his sweatshirt pulled over his head and he was hunched over looking grim and so sad and hopeless. We worked on releasing those issues and over a few months, this man started to light up, smile and tell me about fun happy things that he had been doing with his family. "Somehow" his kids started talking to him again and his wife would smile lovingly at him and want to go on outings with him and he realized how much he still loved her! We worked on this for about 3 months, doing 1-2 sessions a week, and it changed his life. I am not saying it is all perfect, but he got his life and his family back, and as result of him changing so much, his business started to blossom and money would come in from unexpected places. We now only do 1 or 2 sessions a month because things are going so well, but he wants to keep improving different areas of his life.