"When I started working with Helle, my background anxiety was very high.

I also was scared to death of opening my heart and falling in love. I always felt the

need to perform and please others. After just a few sessions, my background anxiety is much

lower, I feel much more loveable and I have started to tell others how I really feel. I have even  started dating!

Working with Helle has been so enlightening! Her expertise and insight have been

beyond beneficial in my life. Our sessions always feel so therapeutic. 

If you’re thinking about setting up an appointment do so right away,

you won’t be disappointed!"

Emma Dugas

I shudder imagining a world where I am not a client of Helle's. 

Her work with me has been so transformational, I now look at my life as "before working with Helle" and "after working with Helle." 

I am so less anxious, less worried and less confused about what is going on in my life. I now have more clarity, confidence and decision-making prowess. I literally can make decisions better now that I have the framework and choice-making-process that Helle has helped me grow and develop. Helle has assisted me in shifting my focus and energy on what matters.  

Helle's main strength is in guiding you to face and look at the one thing you have likely never wanted to confront: Your fears. Your pain. Your dark side. When you clear out your challenges and issues, it is painful and also liberating.

We avoid doing this because we do not want to hurt, and we also do not want to let go of the identity and "devil" we've known all of these years. But facing our fears can help us craft the life we've always wanted but were afraid to pursue. Helle's guidance helps you navigate the pain (it actually doesn't hurt that much) and her motherly warmth helps you celebrate and look ahead once you've been through the gauntlet. 

Overcome your fears, and celebrate your wins. Helle helps you do this. What more do you need in life? 


Helle is both a comforting, safe place to find refuge, and also a motivating accountability coach that does not take excuses and pushes you to be your most ideal self. 

Looking back, the biggest fears and "boogeymen" I had in my life now are just distant memories. I've moved past them. Looking ahead, I see the greatness I can achieve, and these are aspirational elements of my ideal self. 

I have Helle to thank for all of this. She came into my life via the recommendation of my most trusted friend. Helle now has become one of the most valuable members in my inner circle. Her friendship, counsel and advice are now like oxygen to me. I can do anything now with her in my corner and her teachings in my DNA, and I know that the same can happen for you. Helle doesn't have just a self-development practice. She is part of a bigger movement to help you become your ideal self, and make the world a more conscious and self-aware place to live in. 

Casey Berman


Helle’s gift with OEFT amazes me.  Within just a handful of sessions, issues that bothered me for years lost the sense of importance they once had, with no emotional upset when recalling them.  I already knew intellectually that all these things, and more, were related to a terrible incident in my early childhood, something that had only been revealed to me a few years ago.  I was repulsed by the idea of ever feeling or experiencing it, ever.  My opinion was that my mind had done me a great favor by burying the experience up until that point.  Then, with a few words about Pluto in my early astrological chart, this core trauma of my life broke through my subconscious and very briefly, like a minute or two, rattled me to my core.   Helle brought in the Unseen Therapist and the incident was so gently healed.  I never had to describe or re-experience anything! 

Blockages to a project I’ve been wanting to take on for years have almost entirely dissolved, and now I am deeply into it.  Marvelous.  This is an entirely different form of therapy, and Helle is a unique and gifted therapist.  If you have a chance to work with her, do it!


Mary Baxter, PhD